Drains & radiators.

imageIts been a little over a year since Jamie was born, and life has changed beyond measure, that did not surprise me. But here are  few things that have surprised me about myself since becoming a mum:

  • I cried more than I thought was humanly possible. We took Jamie home from the hospital when he was a day old, and for six days straight I cried, happy tears thank god (apart from day four when my milk came in and I couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason, happy, sad, sore, tired, overwhelmed, did I mention sore?!). The tears poured out of me every time I looked at him. I couldn’t believe he was mine, that he was here. Luckily I limited the visitors and the mascara in those early days.


  • I can have a good night without alcohol..what?! Now for an Irish girl that’s quite a statement. But being pregnant for nine months and breastfeeding for eight meant that drink was pretty much off the menu, and it turns out I was able to have a laugh at the pub, or even go to a concert without a drink and shock horror, I discovered it actually was possible to have fun without it, who knew?! And now that Jamie’s milk of choice is cows milk and not mine, I do look forward to a gin or two, sometimes looking forward to it more than I should. But a couple of drinks these days is more than enough. A hangover with a toddler? No thank you.


  • I like classical music? Pregnant and stressed with work I discovered Classic FM. I  would tune in to switch off as I sat in traffic with my giant bump to get me from the job to my front door. I kept this from John for ages for fear of the slagging that would ensue…turns out he too was a closet Classic FM fan during his daily commute to and from work. Its been a pretty amazing de-stressor, even Jamie agrees.


  • How fond I would become of Lycra. Gym gear and yoga pants have pretty much become a staple in my maternity leave wardrobe, despite not once going to a gym or a yoga class this year. Comfy and easy win every time.


  • How selective I would become with the company I choose. Someone once told me that there are two types of people in the world, radiators and drains. One gives you energy, the other drains it from you. Choose wisely, choose radiators.


  • I was warned about the amount of clothes I would be washing, but seriously, the laundry basket will never be empty will it?


  • The amount of time I would spend at the post office. This ‘pastime’ certainly did not feature as regularly in my pre-baby life. Now all of a sudden there are so many urgent reasons to post a parcel/card/letter. Maybe its because I want to actually tick the to-do list, and feel like I’ve accomplished something non-baby related. Being able to say, ‘today I looked after the baby AND posted something’. Same goes for the amount of time I have been spending at John Lewis and the library. At least I don’t spend anything at the library.


  • How much I would come to value a quiet cup of tea, quiet being the operative word here. As soon as have I have him down for his naptime, i.e. ‘me time’, the kettle goes on. Sometimes I use this time to eat, sometimes to clean, other times to stare at a blank wall, but whatever, that little window of time is actual gold. And when the postman, or elephants (neighbours) upstairs disturb that, well [insert swear word here]. Do not mess with a mummy and her napping child. See photo attached.


  • Baby brain is not a myth. Well in my case anyway, and one year later it looks like it is here to stay, horary for me!


  • I’m sure there are a lot more ways in which I have surprised myself since becoming a parent, but I can hear Jamie stirring in the background, signalling the end of nap time, and I’ve spent it typing and not drinking tea!

What has surprised you most since becoming a parent? I would love to know..

Pink Pear Bear

8 thoughts on “Drains & radiators.

  1. I can totally relate to this! I used to manage doing all the washing at the weekend! Now it’s every second day…how can someone so little create so much washing?!

    I loved my sleep pre baby! I loved being wrapped up in bed with my kindle and unwinding before a good night sleep! I now can’t remember what that is like (F is totally worth it tho’). I’m surprised at how I can function on such broken sleep!

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs! I’ve just started mine too!


    1. HI @themrsdmcg Thanks for stopping by. I am starting to think two washing machines would be a good move, one for Jamie and one for us. Its just that small matter of space and money that are in the way! Looking forward to catching up with your blog x

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  2. I love this. We must have had our boys close to each other as my son, Caspian, turned 1 in mid-February (actually on my birthday) and I too have been contemplating how I and my life have changed and what has surprised me. And I’m so with you on the baby brain thing – not so bad when you are on maternity leave and forget all your shopping at Tescos and simply walk all the way home only to discover then, a little worse now that I’m back at work. Luckily my boss is pretty understanding 🙂 #bigpinklink

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x


    1. Oh great Nadia, I love to follow people who have boys of similar age, will have to check out your blog, looking forward to it. Oh ive done that once or twice with Tesco 🙈, last week I got all the way there with the buggy, and didn’t bring my purse! Well done you on being back at work, no better way than exercising our babybrains! X


  3. Oh I love this, was nodding along to every one. What is it with the post office? I do not remember that pre-baby! Love gin (currently pregnant so love it even more now I can’t have it!) and I was laughing that you were both closet classic fm fans! Drains and Radiators exactly…my husband once told me this and it is SO true. Great post #bigpinklink


    1. Hi @occupation:(m)other (great name by the way), thanks for reading. I remember I used to have crazy cravings for gin when was pregnant, and for days after giving birth I finally had one. Took two sips and my head nearly blew off! Hope you and bump are feeling well! Your husband is wise, must be a radiator for sure 😉 Thanks again #bigpinklink


  4. I love the title of this, and the way it ties into the post! I’ve never heard this expression before, and it’s one I think I’ll be using it a lot now! Having children has certainly made me quickly realise who the ‘drains’ in my life are! Hoping to surround myself with plenty of radiators from now on! I can relate to a lot of the things on your list-it seems that others have noticed the post office thing too!! I’ve been soooo often since I had the babies! And 2 years down the line and the only bottoms I can wear are leggings… still….!!! I was surprised by the confidence that came over me when I had my first baby. I have always been really shy, and wouldn’t dream of walking into a pub on my own, or going somewhere I wouldn’t know anybody. But I was so determined to make mum friends, and make sure my baby had plenty of children around him (I was worried he was going to be lonely, as I didn’t know anyone with children, or anyone who had a baby at the same time as me,) that I made myself go out to loads of babygroups and talk to the mums, and I am still surprised at finding the confidence to do this!
    Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink, I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    1. I agree, its like a new found confidence emerges once we become a parent because we finally realise what is truly important, so none of the ‘other stuff’ really matters. I know what you mean about pushing yourself, and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. I remember feeling so incredibly lonely and vulnerable in those very early days, that going to those groups almost felt like speed dating or something, desperate to make a connection with another mum. I had almost forgotten about those days!
      Glad to hear I’m not the only one with an ‘attraction’ to leggings! but come on they are so comfy and the lycra means that a baby wipe can solve any mishaps 😉
      Thanks for getting in touch and for taking the time to read my first post. Excited to be stepping into this blogging world, great linky, thank you #bigpinklink


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